Bridal Shower Tea Party Checklist

A bridal shower tea party is a magical way to celebrate your beautiful engagement. And, most importantly—bring the bride together with friends on a special day. When a couple decides to spend their lives together, it is easy to get stressed out. Bridal showers should be a day honoring the bride’s commitment of love. For this reason, the idea of a bridal shower tea party is ideal for anyone who want an alcohol-free celebration for the bride. Guests dress in fancy tea party dresses, lace and pearls, and other elegant bridal shower tea party attire.

Here’s our classic tea party checklist:

  • Decide on a tea party theme: Charm the bride with the love of mothers tea party. or choose a more adult tea party with tea, cakes, and strippers! We won’t judge! Just tag us in your pics!
  • Attire: Give your tea party guests an idea of how they should dress. Tell them to come in their best tea party dresses, lace and pearls, and other tea party attire
  • Activities: Plan your activities prior to the party. Arrange conversation cards to encourage pleasant conversations. Tea party games make great ice-breakers. Tea bag toss: set up cute coffee mugs and have guests take turns tossing the tea bags from a distance. The players who score the most points wins a prize (maybe the mug)
  • Tea set: Match your tea seat with the theme. In our pearls and lace example, antique tea cups featuring floral arrangements are a classical design.
  • Type of tea: Don’t forget the most important part of the tea party! The type of party you are having will depend on the type of tea you choose. Brunch-themed tea parties pair well with Janevape English Breakfast Hemp Tea.
  • Pastries and Sweets: Keep your guests’ tummies satisfied with an arrangement of scrumptious treats and a yummy charcuterie board.
  • Photo corner: Shake things up with a fun photo booth! Set up an area where guests can take pictures. For added fun, make props available for guests to interact with each other. Vintage jewelry and scarves make enchanting dress-up items.

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